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Placing information on takeover of activities or restart M.B.H. Transport B.V.

Have you taken over all or some of the activities of M.B.H. Transport B.V. or have you carried out a restart?

We offer you the possibility of stating this information in the case of M.B.H. Transport B.V.. For this, we will also include a link to your website with more information and a logo or a banner.

After checking your details against the bankruptcy report or your contact with the curator, we will place the following announcement regarding the case:

“The activities of [name of bankrupt] are being continued by [your business name] . For more information, click on [your link]”.

Your logo or banner can also be placed with this text (maximum 125 x 60 pixels). You also have the option of placing your own short text. In this, you can place extra information on the restart or takeover or refer your clients and contacts to possibilities of continuing their relationship with you. The title of the page will also be changed from "Bankruptcy [name of bankrupt]" to "Restart" [name of bankrupt]"

The cost for placing the text, a link to your website and your logo is EUR 47.50.

Your details continue to remain on file with respect to the case for 6 months after termination of the bankruptcy by the curator.

Placing information on takeover of the activities or restart?

Then send an e-mail to with the following information:

  1. Name of the business that has been taken over or restarted
  2. C of C number of the business that has been taken over or restarted
  3. Description of the activities that you have taken over
  4. The bankruptcy contract or your contract with the curator in which the takeover or restart is described (for verification purposes)
  5. Your business name, address details and contact details
  6. Link to your website for more information
  7. Logo or banner of up to (125 x 60 px)
  8. Optional: own text to place in the case.

After receiving your request, we will check the details and send you an e-mail with the proposed text and payment information.
After approval of the text and receipt of your payment, we will place your details online.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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